Social Work Salaries in Hawaii - HI

The average social worker salary in Hawaii is $43,000 a year. This career field is one that is both personally and financially rewarding. Professionals in this field are dedicated to making the lives of their patients better through treatment and recovery. Between income and personal reward, there are definitely some great rewards to be gained from a career in social work in Hawaii.

There are two main factors that will affect your annual income: facility type and type of licensure. Licensed clinical social workers naturally earn more than licensed bachelor social workers because of their advanced education and level of responsibility. However, facility type is also important to keep in mind. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the highest salaries for social workers in Hawaii can be found in general medical and surgical hospitals.

A good way to increase your earning potential is to become a member of professional organizations, such as the National Association of Social Workers (Hawaii Chapter), a group that advocates for the improvement of public mental health by connecting patients with qualified social workers.

Because geographic location can also impact your salary, here you will find the average social worker salaries in Hawaii by city:

  • Honolulu: $40,000
  • Kailua: $40,000
  • Hilo: $38,000

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