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Social Work Salaries in Idaho - ID

On average, social workers in Idaho earn around $44,000 per year. This particular career field is one that requires an intense amount of dedication to patient care. In doing so, social work careers also allow for an extreme amount of personal reward. Along with continued growth and personal achievement, professionals in this field can expect to feel rewarded both personally and financially.

It is important to note that facility type can often affect annual income in this field. In Idaho, social workers are employed in many different clinical settings, each with its own benefits. A study done in 2008 found that social workers in hospital facilities earned more than those working in outpatient centers or mental health facilities. Furthermore, master social workers are the highest earners in the social work field in Idaho. As you can see, there are many variables that can ultimately affect your annual earnings.

You may be able to increase your earnings by becoming a member of the Idaho Association of Social Workers, which is a professional agency actively promoting the advancement of the profession. Becoming a member of a group like this can increase your professional exposure and add to your list of affiliations, thereby potentially increasing your income.

Here are some of the average social work salaries in Idaho according to city:

  • Boise: $38,000
  • Idaho Falls: $36,000
  • Pocatello: $34,000
  • Meridian: $37,000
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