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Social Work Salaries in Indiana - IN

Although people don’t pursue social work to get wealthy, it’s nice to know positions can generate a comfortable living wage. The average social worker salary in Indiana -- as listed by -- is a generous $70,000, but this figure varies according to a number of factors. The first variable is the level of education and certification that a practitioner has. Those with masters or doctorate level degrees and more experience can expect to compete for positions that are more lucrative as well as more challenging. Meanwhile, positions with the title “licensed social worker�? average $47,000 -- still a comfortable middle class salary.

Geography is another factor that influences salary. The following list shows average salaries reported for major metropolises in Indiana:

  • Indianapolis $56,000
  • Fort Wayne $69,000
  • Evansville $56,000

Cost of living also varies from city to city, and should be taken into account by those who are considering relocating for the sake of career opportunity.

Those who secure employment in Indiana’s regional hospitals can expect to make more than those at social service agencies. Among the health care facilities where Indiana’s social workers may aspire to work: Deaconess Hospital, Community Hospital East, and Parkview Hospital.

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