Social Work Salaries in Iowa - IA

The average social worker salary in Iowa is listed as $67,000, though this figure may reflect some bias toward higher certifications and masters level (or higher) education. Jobs for “licensed social workers” average $45,000 in Iowa, according to Indeed.com. One can get a sense of jobs available at different certification levels by visiting job boards such as the Iowa Chapter of the American Social Work Board.

Other factors influence salary. There also exist regional income variances. The following are average reported salaries for major Iowa cities, in ascending order:

  • Des Moines $55,000
  • Cedar Rapids $65,000
  • Davenport $65,000

Nationally, elementary and secondary schools and general hospitals are among the best paying employers. Iowa Methodist Medical Center, Saint Luke’s Hospital, and Genesis Medical Center East are among the renowned facilities where Iowa’s social workers can find employment. Of course there are also smaller medical centers in communities across Iowa.

Applicants who meet certain criteria, and are willing to relocate to areas of Iowa that have the greatest need, may be eligible for loan forgiveness programs. Those who work in high needs areas -- in both senses of the word -- are less likely to have to weigh the cost of an education against future income.

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