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Social Work Salaries in Kansas - KS

The average social worker salary in Kansas (according to current job postings) is $60,000. There is some geographic variance. Kansas City and Overland Park are both listed at $53,000, while Wichita weighs in at the substantially higher figure of $62,000. Of course cost of living differences also must be considered when comparing salaries by geographic region.

Those entering the social work field in Kansas communities should know that actual salaries vary considerably, based on education, level of certification, and years of experience. LBSWs (Licensed Baccalaureate Social Workers) can expect a somewhat lower salary, which should increase after completion of a master’s degree and more advanced licensing exams.

Nationwide, certain salary trends have emerged. Hospitals, either medical or surgical, tend to have higher salaries than care facilities or social service agencies. Wesley Medical Center, Via Christi Regional Medical Center, and Saint Francis Health Center are among the acclaimed facilities where social workers in Kansas can hope to procure employment. K-12 schools are also considered good employers, salary-wise. Overall, job prospects look promising -- and those who opt to take hard-to-fill positions in high poverty areas may find that they qualify for debt forgiveness programs.

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