Social Work Salaries in Kentucky - KY

The average social worker salary in Kentucky is currently listed as $73,000, slightly above the national average for the profession. Prospective social workers should know that education level is an important factor for determining both job opportunities and salary. Indeed.com lists the current salary for a licensed social worker (a term often used to designate baccalaureate level license) as $49,000.  This is a comfortable figure and can be expected to increase with more job training. Those considering pursuing a social work career may want to look at job postings at official sites like the ASWB.

Geographic region also has some bearing on a social worker’s salary. The following are averages salaries for social workers in major Kentucky cities:

  • Lexington $60,000
  • Louisville $52,000
  • Owensboro $56,000
  • Frankfort $60,000
  • Bowling Green $63,000

Nationally, medical and surgical hospitals have been among the best employers. Kentucky’s social workers can aspire to work at well-known facilities like Norton Hospital in Louisville, Owensboro Medical Health System in Owensboro, or perhaps one of Saint Elizabeth Medical Center’s six campuses. Those with high level certification may also opt to set themselves up in private practice. But those who choose to go where the need is greatest can also reap financial benefits.

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