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Social Work Salaries in Maryland - MD

Social workers must be well-trained and have the proper experience to be allowed to practice within Maryland, and they are rewarded accordingly for their efforts. The nation’s Department of Labor qualifies social workers into four types, based upon the population they work with: children, family and schools; medical and public health; mental health and substance abuse; and all other social workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the social worker salary in Maryland ranks among the top five highest-paying states for a few of these categories. For medical and public health social workers, Maryland ranks fourth, paying its 2750 social workers in this area an average annual salary of $58,590. Among those social workers specializing in mental health and substance abuse, Maryland ranks third, paying the 1780 workers in this specialization average yearly earnings of $50,750.

The BLS estimates that child, family and school social workers in Maryland make about $49,600 annually; and all other social workers in the state average a take-home yearly pay of $50,430. Income for social workers clearly differs based on the client population with which you work, your educational level, and, as the following figures provided as a courtesy by will show, the metropolitan area where you work:

Baltimore:  $69,000
Columbia:  $78,000
Silver Spring:  $78,000
Ellicott City:  $76,000
Elkton:  $64,000
Cumberland:  $50,000

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