Social Work Salaries in Massachusetts - MA

The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics says that Massachusetts employs the highest concentration of medical and public health social workers of any state. It states that 10,130 of this type of social worker works in Massachusetts and earns an average yearly salary of $50,160. Some metropolitan areas of Massachusetts pay this kind of social worker differently, as the Laurence-Methuen-Salem area pays $50,280; the New Bedford area pays $68,160; and the Brockton-Bridgewater-Easton area pays medical and public health social workers about $54,370 annually. Massachusetts also has the third-highest amount of mental health and substance abuse social workers of any state, with 6240 workers making an average annual salary of $43,700.

As you can see, the average social worker salary in Massachusetts differs depending upon your educational level, licensing level, specialty of practice, and metropolitan area.  According to the Department of Labor, most child/family/school social workers in Massachusetts make $46,200 annually; medical/public health social workers in Massachusetts earn about $50,160 per year; mental health/substance abuse social workers in Massachusetts make about $43,700 each year; and the category of all other social workers earn about $49,730 annually. Current social worker openings in metropolitan areas show differing salaries, as this data from indeed.com will show:

Boston:  $75,000
Worcester:  $61,000
Springfield:  $66,000
Cambridge:  $74,000
Lowell:  $73,000

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