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Social Work Salaries in Mississippi - MS

The average medical social worker salary in Mississippi is $57,000 per year. Your ultimate earning potential in this profession is determined by several factors: experience, facility type, and geographic location.

Experience is usually the number one factor affecting salary, which makes recently graduated social workers a little concerned. The thing to remember is that the demand for professionals in this field is growing. In 2008, a study revealed that approximately 34.5% of the adult population in Mississippi was affected by a mental health condition. This is the target group for social workers, and this will gave way to lucrative employment opportunities. Once you get some initial experience, you can expect your income to increase year by year.

The type of facility you work in is also a salary-determining factor. The highest salaries for social workers in Mississippi are found in general medical and surgical hospitals, whereas the lower paying jobs are typically in community health facilities. You should always choose the working environment that makes you feel most comfortable, but it is important to be aware of how this decision can affect your annual income.

The list below provides some information on medical social work salaries in Mississippi by city:

  • Jackson: $47,000
  • Gulfport: $49,000
  • Biloxi: $55,000
  • Hattiesburg: $62,000
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