Social Work Salaries in Montana - MT

The average social worker salary in Montana is a well-rounded $50,000. Several factors have the potential to influence salary earnings, but either way, you are going to earn a decent salary as a social worker in Montana.

Hospitals, schools, and clinics in Montana routinely search for social workers with some experience in the field, which can be a little disheartening for recent graduates, but you shouldn’t let this get you down. Because of the recent demand for professionals in this field, experience is not likely to be a factor that determines whether or not you can secure employment; it will only be a factor for your starting salary. Once you get past this hump and prove your skill, you should have no problem gradually increasing your income.

One thing that you can do to help increase your earning potential is to get involved with state social work organizations, like the National Association of Social Workers – Montana Chapter. This organization adamantly advocates for the integral role this profession plays in the overall social structure of our country. Aligning yourself with this group will help you become noticed for your professionalism, dedication, and competency, and will add value to your portfolio as a social worker in Montana.

Here you will find the average salary for social workers in Montana by city:

  • Billings: $56,000
  • Missoula: $49,000
  • Great Falls: $55,000
  • Butte: $50,000

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