Social Work Salaries in Nebraska - NE

Social workers in Nebraska can expect to earn around $51,000 a year. While this is a nice, well-rounded salary figure, there are many factors that can ultimately impact how much you will earn in a year. These include experience, type of facility, and location.

Clinics and healthcare facilities in Nebraska will most definitely be looking for experience when hiring. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that you will have completed a clinical training program, which counts as professional experience. By excelling in the clinical training program, you may even be able to get hired on at that particular facility. Because of the high demand in Nebraska for professionals like you, experience should not be a deal-breaker, although it might influence your starting salary.

If you want to increase your value, consider becoming a member of a professional organization like the School Social Work Association of Nebraska. This group dedicates their time to promoting the importance of social workers in the educational setting. Membership with this type of group can identify you as a committed professional. If school social work is not your intended goal, there are other groups in Nebraska that you can get involved with.

Geographic location is another salary-influencing concern. Below are some findings regarding the average salary figures for social workers in Nebraska:

  • Omaha: $53,000
  • Lincoln: $54,000
  • Bellevue: $53,000
  • Grand Island: $54,000

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