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Social Work Salaries in Nevada - NV

In general, social workers in Nevada make about $55,000 each year. Not only do professionals in this field get the chance to make a difference in the lives of their patients, they also get to bring home a decent living wage. Is there really any better reason to choose a career in social work?

Experience is typically the main factor used to determine salary. The good news is that the hours of clinical training you completed do count towards the experience requirement. Because of the tremendous growth occurring in this field, it is not likely that you will be held back from a job based on experience. It is possible, though, that your starting salary will be slightly lower than the state’s average, at least until you establish a few years’ experience.

One option for increasing your income is to involve yourself with state organizations like the National Association of Social Workers – Nevada Division. This group is an advocate for the development of the profession, as well as an organization dedicated to helping Nevada residents seek help with their mental health conditions. Not only can this group help you to become recognized as a qualified social worker, but you will also be adding to your credentials and developing your professional image.

The average social work salaries in Nevada by city include:

  • Las Vegas: $60,000
  • Henderson: $60,000
  • Reno: $58,000
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