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Social Work Salaries in New Hampshire - NH

Social work is a challenging career with strong growth potential and ample opportunities for professional development and advancement, particularly in New Hampshire.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job opportunities for social workers to grow rapidly over the next several years, especially social workers in rural areas and those working with the elderly. Since New Hampshire has large rural areas and an elderly population that is expected to double over the next twenty years, growing from approximately 179,000 to 353,000 by 2030, it is a state where social worker jobs are expected to be in great demand.

The average social worker in New Hampshire makes a $61,000 salary. However, social work salaries in New Hampshire may vary depending on your experience, location, and place of employment. For example, a social worker employed by a school in New Hampshire makes an average of $56,000, while a clinical social worker employed by a hospital, private practice, or other healthcare institution makes an average of $63,000. Likewise, holding a master’s degree or other specialist certification will improve both your job prospects and your salary.

Average salaries in major cities in New Hampshire are listed below:

  • Manchester: $46,000
  • Nashua: $53,000
  • Concord: $44,000
  • Derry: $47,000
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