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Social Work Salaries in New Mexico - NM

New Mexico is a vast state containing many different and varied cultures. The practice of social work in New Mexico is defined as a professional service that uses social resources, social systems, and human capabilities to effect change in human behavior, emotional responses, and social conditions. In New Mexico, clinical social workers are licensed to assess, diagnose, and treat, using psychotherapy and counseling. Clinical social workers also provide client-centered advocacy, consultation, and evaluation.

Job opportunities for social workers are available across New Mexico, in cities including Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Rio Rancho and Roswell. Depending upon the classification of social worker in which you work, the social worker salary in New Mexico varies. The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) states that child, school and family social workers in New Mexico earn an average salary of $45,780; medical/public health social workers earn approximately $48,690 annually; mental health/substance abuse social workers earn about $46,710 annually; and those social workers in all other categories earn about $48,360 per year. Current job openings across New Mexico pay differently based on the area where the job is located and on the educational requirements of the job (BSW vs. MSW). You can see the differences by examining some of the salaries of social workers working in the state’s largest metropolitan areas (data courtesy of

Albuquerque:  $52,000
Las Cruces:  $55,000
Santa Fe:  $53,000
Rio Rancho:  $52,000
Roswell:  $57,000

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