Social Work Salaries in North Dakota - ND

As a licensed social worker you can expect to carry out a variety of duties in your day-to-day work. You will need to carry out assessments, and design treatment plans. You will usually be involved with patient and family counseling on a daily basis. You might also need to coordinate discharge plans of patients in hospitals and other similar facilities. Some of your job duties require paperwork such as case management forms and preadmission evaluations. The nature of your particular duties will vary based on who employs you.

Employment opportunities come from many different sectors including local hospitals such as St. Alexius Medical Center, Jamestown Hospital, Dakota Clinic, and Medcenter One Jamestown. Besides hospitals, you can work as a social worker in a nursing home in Minot, for instance. Or you may find a job at a recovery center in Fargo. Another possibility is acting as a social worker for the department of Health and Human Services in Grand Fork. Jobs are available in a variety of facilities and settings. Some will be in the public sector and others in the private sector. The social worker salary in North Dakota typically averages 70k a year. There are also possibilities of benefits that go along with your annual income. Some employers offer paid vacations, health insurance, profit sharing, and 401K retirements.

A good place to seek help with employment is the North Dakota Human Resource Management Services


Social Worker Schools