Social Work Salaries in Oregon - OR

In addition to being a professionally and personally satisfying career, social work is a financially rewarding career. The average social worker salary in Oregon is $66,000, though this figure may change depending on factors like your educational background, experience, location, and workplace. For example, average salaries in major cities in Oregon are listed below:

  • Portland: $58,000
  • Eugene: $62,000
  • Salem: $55,000
  • Gresham: $58,000

Employment prospects are projected to be favorable overall, and look especially promising for social workers in rural areas and those who work with the elderly.

Though job prospects for child, family, and school social workers are projected to grow by 12%, the average growth rate for all occupations, prospects for other types of social workers are even brighter. Mental health and substance abuse social worker jobs are projected to grow by nearly 20%, and medical and public health social worker jobs are projected to grow 22% over the next several years. In particular, job prospects for social workers specializing in gerontology should be excellent as Oregon’s senior population grows from 13% of the population to 18.2%.

Oregon is a largely rural state, which also bodes well for social workers, which are in greater demand in rural areas, where it is often difficult to retain qualified professionals.

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