Social Work Salaries in Rhode Island - RI

As a social worker in Rhode Island, you might work at an elementary school in Cranston helping a child with a disability succeed academically, at a substance abuse center in Warwick helping an individual cope with addiction, or at a healthcare facility like Rhode Island Hospital in Providence or Our Lady of Fatima Hospital in North Providence, helping terminally ill patients cope with their medical and personal problems.

About a third of all social workers are employed by the government, often working at schools or for programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Over half work in healthcare and social assistance agencies. Other social workers may be employed by nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, or universities.

The average social worker salary in Rhode Island is $66,000. Average salaries for social workers in major cities in Rhode Island are as follows:

  • Providence: $57,000
  • Cranston: $57,000
  • Warwick: $58,000
  • Pawtucket: $57,000

Your salary may be higher or lower depending on where you work and what qualifications you have. For example, social workers employed by public schools in Rhode Island tend to make less than social workers employed by hospitals or private healthcare institutions, and licensed independent clinical social workers usually make more than non-independent social workers.

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