Social Work Salaries in Vermont - VT

Vermont is one of the smallest states in the United States both in land area and population. It ranks 45th in total area and 49th in population. Vermont also ranks 2nd for oldest median age. In addition, it has a relatively high divorce rate. These facts may support the idea that social workers will be in demand in the state for the next several years, especially those who specialize in gerontology, child and family welfare, and school social work.

Salaries for social workers in Vermont, in general, are dependent on the qualifications and experience of the social worker, the type of employer, and the location. A social worker with a master’s degree and several years of experience who works in private practice or with a team of other providers in an urban area is likely to earn a higher wage than a social worker who is just starting and who works for a government agency in a rural area.

However, social workers tend to be passionate about helping people and improving their social condition, whether by providing counseling, resource information, or other services. They may work with people who are homeless, unemployed, disabled, or suffer from substance abuse. Their goal is to help others; most social workers do not go into the profession because of the salary. Still, a highly qualified social worker can earn a comfortable living.

Below is salary information for several cities in Vermont. The largest city in the state, Burlington, has a population of only about 40,000.

  • Burlington:  $51,000
  • Essex:  $54,000
  • Rutland:  $54,000
  • Colchester:  $52,000
  • South Burlington:  $52,000
  • Bennington:  $60,000
  • Brattleboro:  $58,000
  • Hartford:  $55,000

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