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Social Work Salaries in Wisconsin - WI

The state of Wisconsin has experienced a rise in the demand for social services especially as the state’s economy continues to be impacted by the national financial situation. More people are finding themselves in financially challenging situations--especially those in society who were already having difficulties. As a social worker, you offer a major support system to these clients who need your help. Your compensation for doing so is not only rewarded with knowing you are doing a much-needed job, but it is also rewarded financially. The social worker salary in Wisconsin has a mid range between $60,000 and $80,000 a year.

Where do social workers find employment? You might work as a Program coordinator in Milwaukee to develop a plan to increase the number of pregnant women obtaining prenatal care in their first trimester of pregnancy. You may work at a Madison hospital in conjunction with the RN case manager to review for, and facilitate all planned discharges. You may find a job as the main contact for eldercare at a facility in Green Bay. You can even find work in hospice care, research facilities, private clinics, home health care operations, and adoption agencies. The type of employment opportunities available to social workers in Wisconsin is as varied as the needs of Wisconsin’s citizens.

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