Social Worker Career in Florida - FL

According to the Florida Department of Health, the practice of clinical social work is the use of applied methods knowledge, and theories, with the goal of evaluating, preventing, and treating the behavioral patterns of individuals, couples and families whose lives may be affected by;

  • Perspective
  • Psychosocial development
  • Normal and abnormal behavior
  • Psychopathology
  • Unconscious motivation
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Environmental stress

These services are intended to prevent and treat undesired behavior and to enhance mental health.

In order to pursue social work careers in Florida, there are certain qualifications and training that must be met. The following describes how to become a social worker in Florida.

  • Obtain a master degree in social work from an institution or from an online, distance learning program accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. A social work major in Florida must incorporate specific courses stated by the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling; as well as a supervised field placement.
  • Fulfill two years of post-masters level supervised experience under the direction of a licensed clinical social worker.
  • Pass the national clinical level examination developed by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB).
  • Complete an eight-hour laws and rules course and a two-hour prevention of medical errors course from a board-approved provider.
  • Submit your application to the Board.
  • If you wish to specialize in Marriage & Family Therapy, you will need to take the national MFT exam as well.

Disclaimer: Program outcomes vary according to each institution's specific curriculum, and employment opportunities are not guaranteed.

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