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Cardiac Sonography Careers in South Carolina – SC

As a career, cardiac sonography is projected to experience rapid growth over the next 6-8 years as the Baby Boomer generation ages. Heart disease increases as people age, thus the numbers of people who need the services of an echocardiographer will grow because this segment of the population is getting older and because it is a large demographic group. Diagnosing heart disease in its early stages will become increasingly important; cardiac sonography (also called echocardiography) provides an inexpensive and noninvasive way to see and measure the function of the heart and cardiovascular system. The result is that there will be more cardiac sonographer jobs in South Carolina as in other states throughout the United States.

South Carolina has many cardiac care centers and hospitals which will need additional cardiac sonographers in the future. Typical activities of a sonographer might include performing complex scans of a patient’s heart and vascular system, using highly technical equipment to obtain images through 2-D, Doppler, and Color Flow Doppler methods, and recognizing disease states relative to healthy anatomic and physiologic function of the heart.

Providence Hospital and Palmetto Health Center in Columbia, the Medical University of South Carolina Medical Center and Roper Hospital in Charleston, and the Greenville Hospital Systems and University Medical Center in Greenville present excellent opportunities for employment as a cardiac sonographer in South Carolina.

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