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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in South Carolina - SC

Factors such as educational background, additional healthcare certification, multiple sonography certifications, and previous experience will influence salary potential for cardiac sonographer salaries in South Carolina. The demographics of the area and type of facility will also impact salary levels. Most cardiac sonographers work in a hospital, although an increasing number of sonographers work in cardiac-specific specialty clinics or as part of the staff in a cardiology practice. Because cardiac sonographers can specialize in at least three areas (adult, pediatric, or fetal echocardiography), they can find employment in pediatric cardiology practices and children’s hospitals as well.

Other factors that will impact a cardiac sonographer’s salary include the willingness and availability to work non-traditional hours and to be on-call for weekends and holidays. An echocardiogram is one of the first procedures ordered when a patient presents with heart disease, regardless of whether that is during regular business hours or not. To have a cardiac sonographer available no matter the time of day is beneficial to both the patient and the physician who must determine the course of treatment.

The largest municipalities in South Carolina are scattered throughout the state geographically.  Average salaries for cardiac sonographers range from $47,000 in Spartanburg in the northwest portion of the state to $60,000 in Hilton Head Island on the southern coast. A typical salary in the Charleston area on the eastern coast is $53,000, while salaries in Columbia in central South Carolina are closer to $49,000.

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