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Cardiac Sonography Training in South Carolina - SC

Cardiac sonographer training in South Carolina is available through a variety of programs. Many sonographers obtain their degree through a two-year associate’s program, although more and more are choosing to get a four-year bachelor’s degree. The most important detail about the program is not the length, but rather the fact that it is accredited. Accreditation lends assurance that the program teaches the standard information necessary for graduates to perform well in a real-life setting. Because practical experience is one of the best teachers, most programs contain a significant amount of clinical experience through internships or practicums.

Cardiac sonographer programs include the study of cardiac anatomy, physiology, ultrasound technology, and basic patient care. Students with a strong background in mathematics, biology, and anatomy will have an advantage. Once sonographers have completed their degree, they typically take an exam to become certified by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) or Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) as a Registered Cardiac Sonographer. To maintain this certification, registered cardiac sonographers must complete a certain number of continuing education courses within a specified period of time. A common requirement is 30 CEUs (continuing educational units) in a three-year period.  Basic life support knowledge is also required, so certification in basic life support for healthcare providers should be obtained.

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