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South Carolina Gerontologist Salaries - SC

Over 14% of South Carolina’s 4.5 million residents are over 65 years of age, and as that already sizeable percentage increases, the demand and need for skilled gerontologists in the state will increase right along with it.

As such, job prospects in the state are very good, and even though the states median income is a little less than $10,000 under the national average, gerontologists make a surprisingly competitive wage with that of other states in the US.

Though gerontology is such a wide-ranging field comprising people of different educational, skill, and career levels, Geriatric Nurse Practioners make pretty near the median income of all gerontologists, around $75,000-$80,000 a year according to Because where in South Carolina you work can have a sizeable impact on your salary, here is a comparison of major cities around the state:

  • Greenville - $80,000
  • Charleston / North Charleston - $74,000
  • Columbia - $67,000

As can be expected, the largest determiner of a gerontologist’s salary is how much education they have, and as a result, what level of career they’ve gone into. An Assisted Living Aide based out of the Roper Hospital might make around $18,000-20,000 dollars a year, while a gerontological dietician working in the elderly ward at the Medical University of South Carolina might make just under $60,000.

A lesser, but still significant impact, can be seen coming from the type of facility worked at. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, gerontologists who work for the state and federal government make the most on average, followed by those at major care facilities like Providence Hospital or Palmetto Health, followed by those employed at elderly care facilities, who make $6,000 to $8,000 less per year.

After you graduate, make sure to take some time and decide just what kind of career you want to pursue in South Carolina. The state is large and diverse enough to need gerontologists of all types, and with job prospects looking so great for the next decade, you should have no problem finding exactly what it is you need.

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