South Carolina Healthcare Administration Salaries - SC

Among the State of South Carolina’s high-growth industries, healthcare plays an important part of the economy and is viewed as one of South Carolina’s sectors with growing opportunities for employment. However the situation here in South Carolina today is similar to that found in states across the country, where the majority of medical institutions, including many hospitals, long-term care and assisted living facilities, are faced with balancing quality patient care with budgetary reality.

CareerTotal EmploymentAnnual Median Wage
Computer Systems Analysts6,400$74,190
Database Administrators890$67,160
Source: 2016 Occupational Employment Statistics and 2016-26 Employment Projections, Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS.gov.

The job of a healthcare administrator necessitates customer service, human resources, labor relations and negotiation, government regulations and a good grasp of economics, accounting and financial data. Today’s healthcare administrator must have a strong grasp of best-practices in business and management, with an understanding of strategic planning and resource allocation.

Today, most healthcare administrators have a bachelor’s or higher degree in healthcare administration. While salary ranges vary across the state, according to data from the employment website indeed.com, the following are typical annual salaries for those in South Carolina healthcare administration.

  • South Carolina: $54,000 annually
  • Columbia:  $43,000 annually
  • Charleston: $48,000 annually 
  • North Charleston: $48,000 annually 
  • Greenville: $45,000 annually 

Roper Hospital, Palmetto Health, Providence Hospital and the Medical University of South Carolina are among the healthcare facilities in South Carolina that periodically have openings for healthcare administrators.

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