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Lactation Consultant Schools in South Carolina - SC

A lactation consultant is oftentimes a medical professional, perhaps a registered nurse, physician or nurse-midwife, who, in addition to their medical training, chooses to embark upon additional study around lactation and breastfeeding. If schools in your surrounding area do not offer additional courses in lactation, online learning is an option to consider when exploring lactation consultant schools in South Carolina.

Many employers look for nurses with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, in addition to certification as a lactation consultant. For nurses interested in pursuing a degree, the Clemson University School of Nursing at Greenville, S.C. has an RN to BS program that employs an online interactive learning component that is designed for registered nurses who wish to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Continuing education is a requirement for all lactation consultants in South Carolina. Some continuing education courses that satisfy Continuing Education Recognition Points (CERP) requirements are available by attending in-person seminars, as well as through online learning classes, including webinars. To participate in a webinar, you need a phone and a computer to view a PowerPoint presentation. Some of the webinars that are available through the United States Lactation Consultant Association (ULSCA) cover specific topics such as integrating new latch techniques; the breastfeeding surgical client; the role of the breastfeeding father; caring for the late preterm infant; working and breastfeeding; assessment and treatment of tongue-tie; and fore-milk hind-milk imbalance:  signs, symptoms and interventions. Keep in mind that webinars offered in South Carolina can be three hours in length.

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