Long Term Care Class in South Carolina - SC

By taking a long term care class in South Carolina, you are building your way to a successful career in this dynamically evolving field. The courses listed below are preparation for long term care training in South Carolina:

  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Injury Prevention and Public Health
  • Medication Administration
  • Healthcare Laws and Ethics

The clinical training experience is likely one of the most important steps in progressive career development. The curriculum of long term care training programs in South Carolina is developed to be innovative, intense, and hands-on. By working directly with supervisory registered nurses, you will learn how to interact with elderly patients and how to be an effective part of their daily care.

Diabetic health complications in the elderly is a growing trend in South Carolina. In 2005, a study revealed that roughly 62,000 geriatric residents were afflicted by diabetes or a complication of diabetes. Given that there is a total elderly population of 617,100 in South Carolina, 14% of the statewide population, about 10% of elderly residents affected by diabetic complications may be in need of permanent long term healthcare. Clinical training in South Carolina will help to prepare students to care for elderly patients with these types of health complications.

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