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South Carolina Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Educational Requirements for Medical Technicians in South Carolina

South Carolina Medical Technicians can expect to make a salary that is on par with the national average for professionals in this field, which is around $35,000 a year. As the need for professionals in this field continues to grow, so is the salary level likely to. This fact alone and the continued progress of the medical field makes the profession of a Medical Technician a desirable field to go into as compared to the education levels required for other professions that offer a similar salary range.

Future and current Medical technicians are required to meet specific educational goals in order to be able to sit for the certification exam and be employed in this area. Those wishing to meet these educational goals can begin to do so as early as the high school years. Those in high school can best prepare themselves for their future college education by placing focus on things like biology and chemistry. There should also be heavy focus placed on mathematics. It may even be beneficial for the high school student to volunteer their limited services to a medical facility of some sort; in particular a laboratory is this is a possibility in their area. The benefits of this volunteer work are not only to build character, but to begin to develop a comfort level in the medical field and to expose one’s self to medical jargon that they will use later in their professional career.

After high school, students should enroll in a associate’s level South Carolina medical technician training program. Students can expect to have a focus placed on the sciences, mathematics and medical terminology. The curriculum for an associate level degree in this field must demand a practicum or clinical rotation in order to meet the national requirements that will allow the student to sit for the exam.

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