Midwife Salary in South Carolina - SC

Midwives' Salaries in South Carolina - SC

South Carolina Midwife Salary

Midwives enjoy a salary commiserate with their years of training.  Nationwide, salaries for nurse midwives vary between about  $70,703 and $85,809.  Prospective midwives in South Carolina should realize that many positions do require nurse-midwives, and that reported averages reflect some skewing in that direction.  Nurse midwives are more able to secure positions with regional hospitals like Palmetto Health, Roper Hospital, Providence Hospital or the Medical University of South Carolina.  Lay midwives, meanwhile, more often work at birthing centers.  Many are in private practice and travel to the homes of their clients, who may be rural and poor, or may simply seek a home-based delivery. Among South Carolina’s birthing centers are Carolina Community Maternity Center in Fort Mill and Blessed Births Family Wellness and Birth Center in Greenville.

What is the average midwife salary in South Carolina? The following are average salaries reported for different metropolitan areas, listed in descending order:

  • Charleston $78,000
  • North Charleston $78,000 
  • Greenville $75,000
  • Columbia $71,000

South Carolina midwives are well equipped to practice in other states and regions as well as around the world.  Many states have similar licensing requirements. Doctors Without Borders also has a high demand for midwives, and some young professionals like the idea of spending time in service far from their home state.

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