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MRI Technician Salaries in South Carolina

The many hospitals located across South Carolina bring in a whopping twenty seven million dollars every year and Charleston is a major hub of medical care and research. Hospitals are expanding, the medical community is growing, and revenues are on the rise—bringing South Carolina MRI technician salaries right along with it. Greenville Memorial Hospital is the largest facility in the state, followed by Palmetto Health Richland in Columbia and Spartanburg Regional Medical Center.

Great jobs are currently advertised in South Carolina such as:

  • Radiology Technologist (Lancaster, SC)
  • MRI Technician (Statewide)
  • Regional MRI Specialist (Florence, SC)
  • Per Diem MRI Tech (Statewide)
  • MRI Systems Support Manager (Simpsonville, SC)
  • MRI/Mammography Fellowship (Greenville, SC)
  • Radiology Tech – (level 4). Earns $40,000 - $65,000 per year. Responsible for all operations and reports directly to team leader.
  • Contract/per Diem Positions – varied locations, bonuses and sometimes include housing costs during travel. Earnings from $27.00/per hour to $65.00/per hour.

MRI professionals can opt to work with a staffing company and be available to hundreds of varied employers – the average South Carolina MRI technician salary comes in at $74,000/per year for MRI technologists and can reach $100,000 to $200,000/per year in private practices or fellowships.

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