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South Carolina Nuclear Medicine Technician Salary - SC

Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists in South Carolina

The job outlook for nuclear medicine technologists both in South Carolina and across the nation is excellent. Opportunities in nuclear medicine are expected to rise by as much as 16% in the ten year period from 2008 to 2018. This is a result of the proliferation of technology and the increased availability of nuclear medicine technology in many medical facilities. Of course, such technology is not inexpensive, so it might be more apt to be found in medical facilities and institutions in urban areas rather in the more removed rural areas.

The average national earnings for nuclear medicine technologists it $67,910, from what the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics has documented. The average nuclear medicine technologist salary in South Carolina is similar to that number, at $60,000. Salaries may vary due to urban vs. rural area (as mentioned above, more nuclear medicine technologists are expected to be found in urban areas, where access to equipment is easier, than in rural areas); education of the average nuclear medicine technologist in that area, and other factors. Across South Carolina, for example, salaries fluctuate. This is evidenced by looking at the average salary in some of the state’s largest cities:

Columbia:  $47,000
Charleston:  $52,000
North Charleston:  $52,000
Greenville:  $50,000
Rock Hill:  $62,000

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