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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools in South Carolina - SC

Education for prospective nuclear medicine technologists is necessary in order to learn not only the medical terminology associated with the profession, but also the various tests and diagnostic tools used. Nuclear medicine technologist schools in South Carolina will prepare students to learn to use technical, scientific equipment in the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions and diseases.

Schooling for nuclear medicine technology involves both coursework and clinical, practical experience. Your program may last as little as a year, culminating in a certificate, or as long as four years, culminating in a bachelor degree. Coursework common to nearly all nuclear medicine technologist schools will cover a variety of sciences, math and specifics to nuclear medicine such as radiopharmaceuticals and using various pieces of equipment. In addition, you will be placed in a clinical setting for part of your education, either at a real or a simulated medical facility. In this portion of your program, you will be exposed to using what you have learned in the classroom in the “real world.�? Upon graduation, graduates are prepared for employment in an assortment of medical facilities in South Carolina, including Roper Hospital, Palmetto Health, Providence Hospital and Medical University of South Carolina.

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