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South Carolina provides an incredible environment for personal trainers both to learn their skills and to gain employment. This perpetually sunny state has a number of Division I, II, and III colleges-all with varsity and club teams-a growing population of retirees looking to get fit and stay helathy, and several resort destinations, most close to beaches. Each of these areas are ready-made for personal trainers to set up their businesses, whether they choose to work as independent trainers, at gyms, spas, or resorts, or even with college athletes whose programs don't include the access to an athletic department trainer.

Although South Carolina is consistently rated among the least healthy states in the nation-due to higher rates of obesity and heart disease-there has been a push in recent years to increase physical activity and improve diets, especially among children. This movement is certain to propel personal training as an occupation into one of the most sought after careers in the state.

Comprehensive Education Programs

Even a "longer" program toward becoming a certified personal trainer in South Carolina, neither on-site nor on-line courses take longer than 14 months to complete.  South Carolina personal training courses online provide a fantasticly convininet way to achieve accredited certification fast.  Students can pick a standard personal training or fitness degree which only takes a matter of months to finish or add additional specialties such as physical or massage therapy which will increase the time to complete the course and the cost but will also leave the trainer better prepared for the future. Adding a specialty will better prepare trainers for their careers and make them more attractive for the gyms, spas, or other facilities that will ultimately employ them. They will also be in a stronger position to negotiate higher salaries.

There are several programs in South Carolina including a number of technical colleges offering 15 week programs. These programs don't provide certification but they do prepare you for the test and most include 10-15 hours of one-on-one training sessions with "clients" as part of the coursework. This ensures both that you actually like working with people and that you are prepared to do so during your examination and in the workplace. 

Through campus based and online programs, aspiring Personal Trainers in Columbia, Charleston, North Charleston and Greenville, South Carolina may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including the Roper Hospital, Palmetto Health, Providence Hospital and Medical University of South Carolina.
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