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How to Become a Physical Therapist Assistant in South Carolina – SC

To get a job as a Physical Therapy Assistant in South Carolina, you'll need to get licensed by the South Carolina Board of Physical Therapy. The easiest and best way, to do this, is to enroll in one of several programs around the state accredited, or approved, by the Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education, who go by the acronym CAPTE, and then take the NPTE exam, which is given by the FSBPT, or Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy.

South Carolina is home to a number of vocational/technical colleges with physical therapy assistant training programs accredited by CAPTE. Working through one of them should take about two to three years, upon which you should have amassed enough credits to graduate with an associate’s degree.

Once you've graduated, you'll want to take the NPTE, or National Physical Therapy Examination, right way. Taking the test requires a fee of $370 dollars, and upon earning a passing grade (75% or higher) signifies you as a certified Physical Therapy Assistant. If you don't pass, it can be repeated two more times in that year.

With proof of the completion of CAPTE accredited program, and a passing grade in the NPTE, you can now apply for a license to work in South Carolina. You’ll be required to provide a handful of legal documents to verify your identity, as well as having your transcripts sent from the school you attended to the Boards office, and your NPTE scores sent directly to the board from an FSBPT office. There is an application fee of $120 dollars. You will also need to demonstrate a certain proficiency in the English language, if you are not a native speaker.

If, for some reason, you did not complete a CAPTE approved program, but were trained in another state, or have some other extenuating circumstance that you think should enable you to be able to get a license, you can request the South Carolina Board of Physical Therapy to review your case individually. Nearly every state in the US, however, requires its Physical Therapy Assistants to be CAPTE accredited.

Once your application has been processed, approved, and returned, you can start working in South Carolina as a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant.

Your license will need to be renewed on December 31st of every even numbered year, regardless of when your license was received. There is a processing fee of $90 dollars.

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