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Degree Conditions for Public Health

To locate South Carolina public health schools that have received accreditation, one source to check is the Council on Education for Public Health. They will have a list of schools that qualify. The goal of many students seeking a career path is often to get out of school as quickly as possible. In order to get the MPH degree you must have at least 42 semester units of coursework in the Public Health program. Some schools offer a fast track that allows completion in a year after you are finished with your undergraduate work.

There are programs out there that allow you to add Public Health as a minor or as an undergraduate degree, but these will not allow you to obtain your certification with the NBPHE. This may affect your choices for jobs in this field.

Some institutions offer coursework in Public Health while others are actually Public Health Programs. When you investigate your school choices, you will want to make the determination. Each program is accredited in different ways (according to the Council on Education for Public Health). You can also explore the possibility of distance learning.

The nature of the courses will prepare you to handle programs and teams that address certain public health issues. Among these courses, you will be exposed to administrative skills including accounting procedures. You will also learn how to keep track of populations and make sure they are processed through the system properly, receiving the care they need.

Is there a need for Continuing Education?

In order to keep your CPH current, you need to complete 50 hours of additional training over the course of two years. In addition to that, every decade you will have an aptitude evaluation that is designed to assess your accumulative skills.

Through campus based and online programs, aspiring Public Health Professionals in Columbia, Charleston, North Charleston and Greenville, South Carolina may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including the Roper Hospital, Palmetto Health, Providence Hospital and Medical University of South Carolina.
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