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South Carolina Surgical Technologist Salary - SC

The statewide average surgical tech salary in South Carolina is $41,000 a year. So, not only will you finally have the chance to enjoy going to work everyday, but you will also have the benefit of bringing home a financially rewarding paycheck.

It is common for new surgical technologists in South Carolina to feel timid about not having an adequate amount of experience to find work, but this is most definitely an unfounded fear. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected an expected growth of 25% for surgical techs through the year 2018. What this means to you is that you should be able to find many avenues of opportunity, even as a new professional.

As the population continues to age, it is expected that more surgical and diagnostic procedures will be necessary, which means that there will be more people like you needed to work in this field. Once you have found work as a surgical tech, you will be able to begin building your level of experience, and it will not take very long to earn top-paying salary as a surgical technologist in South Carolina.

Depending on where you live in South Carolina, you salary may differ slightly from the state average. Here are some salary figures of surgical techs in South Carolina:

  • Columbia: $32,000
  • Charleston: $36,000
  • Myrtle Beach: $43,000
  • Sumter: $35,000
  • Florence: $40,000

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