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Diagnostic Sonographer Salary in South Carolina - SC

The ultrasound technician salary in South Carolina generally ranges between $48,484 and $56,230, although some of the more experienced ultrasound techs may find themselves earning in the neighborhood of $65,400 to $73,040 annually. Graduates in South Carolina that are new to ultrasound technology generally begin with starting salaries that average $42,494 to $48,484. While this is lower than the national average, the potential to find yourself in a pay bracket with the highest-paid top 10% of diagnostic sonographers in South Carolina should alleviate any concerns you may have.

As ultrasound technology has become more advanced, it has taken the place of more invasive procedures, such as open laparoscopies, that were once the only way to view internal organs in a patient of medical concern. In today’s healthcare field, however, ultrasound technicians in South Carolina are actively involved in exploratory laparoscopies in which ultrasound guidance is used as the internal cavity of the patient’s abdomen is explored. The continued usage of this technology not only perfects associated procedures, but it also gives life to the fact that an additional 18% more ultrasound techs are expected to be needed in South Carolina by the year 2018.   

Annual wages for diagnostic sonographers in South Carolina:

  • Charleston: $56,650
  • Columbia: $50,930
  • Greenville: $57,880

Salary figures supplied by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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