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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in South Dakota - SD

Salary levels for cardiac sonographers in South Dakota reflect the education and experience of the employee, as well as the demographics of the area and the employer’s facility type. Hospitals employ the majority of cardiac sonographers. Often a sonographer may be needed in an emergency situation which doesn’t take place during a regular work day, so additional pay can be gained by working on-call and overtime hours. Cardiac care centers and cardiologist offices are other potential employers. Sonographers can make themselves more attractive to employers by holding more than one credential; adult, pediatric, and fetal echocardiography, for example. Sometimes registered nurses obtain the necessary education and certification for sonography, which also increases marketability in the workforce.

South Dakota is one of the smallest states in terms of population. The largest city, Sioux Falls, has a population of just over 150,000. The next largest city, Rapid City (on the western edge of the state—most other cities of significant size are east of the Missouri River which bisects the state) has about 64,000 residents—less than half the size of Sioux Falls. The third largest city, Aberdeen, is less than half the size of Rapid City with an estimated population of 24,500.  Average salaries for cardiac sonographers in these three cities, according to, are $51,000 (Sioux Falls), $49,000 (Rapid City), and $50,000 (Aberdeen). The state capital of Pierre is the seventh largest city with a population of just over 14,000, but has an average salary of $58,000 for cardiac sonographers.

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