South Dakota Gerontologist Salaries - SD

Though South Dakota is home to less than a million people, the state harbors countless national parks, treasures, and enough beautiful scenery to make it a hub of both tourism, and retirement. Perhaps this is why, according to the US Census Bureau, that South Dakota has one of the highest concentrations of elderly people in the country.

For this wishing to embark on a career in Gerontology, this is good news. The more a population ages, the more it requires trained medical staff with the knowledge and experience to cater to the issues specific to the elderly. As a gerontologist in South Dakota, the advantages of this elderly population boom are twofold; better pay, and increased job opportunities.

Gerontology is the name for a massive body of study and career opportunities, so generating general salary statistics is hard. Depending on their level of education, the type of work they’re doing, and where they are employed, a gerontologists’ salary can range from as little as $20,000 a year, to as high as $120,000.

The lowest earners, in South Dakota and elsewhere, are typically Assisted Living Aides and Geriatric Nursing Assistants. The highest are typically allied health professionals of various professions, like audiologists and physical therapists, who have chosen to specialize in elderly care.

According to Indeed.com, a salary aggregator, the average salary for the state is $62,000 dollars. An average gerontologist salary in South Dakota exceeds this number by quite a bit:

  • Geriatric Nurse - $88,000
  • Speech Pathologist in - $82,000
  • Occupational Therapist - $77,000
  • Psychologist - $77,000
  • Physicians Assistant - $64,000

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