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South Dakota Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Educational Requirements for Medical Technicians in South Dakota

Though Medical Technicians make an average of $35,000 a year on the national level, South Dakota offers a higher wage package with an average salary of $38,000 a year. When one considers all the other benefits of living in the area of South Dakota along with such an attractive salary for the educational requirements to be met, this career path looks like a very attractive path to take for those that are interested in the processes which go on in a medical laboratory.

Those who wish to apply for certification will be required to meet some educational requirements. These requirements place a focus on science, math and medical terminology. There are several steps to meeting these requirements.

Individuals who have not yet graduated high school can get a head start on the understanding of their college course work by enrolling in science classes such as biology and chemistry since these classes will also be required in college and tend to place focus on science as well as math. Volunteering in a medical facility is also a good idea for some hands-on education and the development of familiarizing one's self in the atmosphere of the medical field.

Those enrolling in a South Dakota Medical Technician training program to earn an associate’s degree should expect a practicum or clinical rotation. Topics that will be focused on will include various sciences, mathematics and medical terminology. Those who wish may continue their education in this field beyond the associate level in order to excel in their profession even as far as the management level.

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