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Become a Personal Trainer in South Dakota - SD

South Dakota has fared the country’s latest economic troubles very well, and is known as a great place for local and national entrepreneurs to make a business.  Health services and hospitality are among the top employers in the state, giving personal trainers a favorable environment in which to make a living at health clubs, hotel resorts, and gyms. 

Although the number of personal trainers in South Dakota is not great compared with other more populous states, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 30% increase in the number of personal trainer jobs in South Dakota by 2016.  Nationwide, this profession is expected to increase at a significantly faster rate than other professions. 

Severe weather and condition in South Dakota may contribute to more residents seeking exercise opportunities in controlled indoor environments, creating a higher demand for personal trainers here than in other states.  This means in South Dakota, personal trainer certification can help you to enter this vitally important preventative health profession.

How to Become a Personal Trainer in the State of South Dakota

On the one hand, state regulation does not currently exist for personal trainers in South Dakota, and personal trainers do not need to be licensed by the state.  On the other hand, employers and clients will expect qualified personal trainers to have the minimum certifications in personal training, CPR, and possibly Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).

Prior to employment, certified personal trainers must establish a repertoire of training programs for potential clients.  Typical programs range from basic “Boot Camps�? that provide a foundation of fitness for clients, to targeting specific muscle groups and fitness goals for athletes.  Employers may also expect personal trainers to have an existing client base before offering employment; so personal trainers in South Dakota will need to work to promote themselves and their service.

In addition to teaching proper physical fitness and exercise techniques, personal trainers in South Dakota are involved in designing programs, customer service, sales, verbal communication, and providing significant motivation for clients.  For self-employed personal trainers in South Dakota, administrative functions such as liability insurance coverage, bookkeeping and income tax preparation adds another layer of responsibility to their career.

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