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Average Salary for a Pharmacy Technician in South Dakota – SD

As a recent graduate and new pharmacy technician in South Dakota, you are likely to be earning an average of $13.48 per hour, with the average the salary in South Dakota being approximately $28,040. However, this is really only the starting point. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the highest-paid pharmacy techs in South Dakota earn more than $36,420 a year, which is about 23% more than the state’s overall average. So, you can definitely find yourself earning more as a pharmacy technician by following through with your career and using job experience as a contributor to salary growth.

Another way in which you might be able to increase your earnings and develop yourself professionally is to become a member of the South Dakota Association of Pharmacy Technicians (SDAPT). This is an organization that dedicates itself to continuing education and career advancement among pharmacy technicians in South Dakota. By aligning yourself with this group, you can identify yourself as a professional dedicated to patient care and potentially even increase your annual income.

Below you can find some of the estimated annual salary figures of pharmacy technicians in South Dakota:

  • Sioux Falls: $28,200
  • Rapid City: $29,690
  • Aberdeen: $26,000
  • Watertown: $26,000

Salary figures are courtesy of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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