Speech Pathology Degree

What type of degree is required to become a speech pathologist?

Most speech language pathologist jobs require applicants to have earned a master’s degree. Typically, aspiring speech pathologists attend college for four years to obtain a bachelor’s degree in speech-language pathology or a major with a strong liberal arts focus. Following graduation from a bachelor’s degree program, students enter a master’s in speech-language pathology degree program. Master's programs are usually two years in length.

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Prerequisite courses, such a human verbal development, are required before students are admitted into a speech-language pathology program. The amount and type of prerequisites vary from one program to the next.

Are internships or clinical rotations part of speech-language pathology programs?

Speech-language pathology master’s degree programs are typically two years in duration, the first year and a half consisting mainly of didactic coursework and the last semester consisting of clinical rotations. Typically several different clinical settings, such as hospital and school, are required.  Students typically spend 10-12 weeks in each clinical rotation. Each program varies but most require an SLP student obtain a set number of clinical hours working with both adults and children, and covering a variety of speech and language impairments.

Upon graduation from an SLP master’s degree program, the first year working in the field is referred to as the Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY) and requires extra supervision. The CFY is a paid position and one must submit a resume and interview for it like they would any other job, but since the individual is newly employed in this field, a supervisor or mentor must be assigned to monitor their work and offer support.

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