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Steps to Becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist in Maine

Before they can even apply to be certified in the state of Maine, potential Speech-Language Pathologists must have the proper academic and practical training to be accepted by the state board. This includes a master’s degree through one of the  American Speech & Hearing Association (ASHA) accredited online or campus based Maine speech pathology graduate programs. Aspiring SLPs must also have met the standard for supervised clinical practicum during the first year out of the master’s level program. Potential pathologists are to complete 400 hours of supervised practicum. Without having an accreditation from the ASHA, potential Speech-Language Pathologists cannot apply for a license in Maine.

The next step before applying for a license is taking the Praxis II exam. This test is a requirement of the ASHA and like the master’s degree requirement it is also a key requirement to receiving a license in Maine. An exam score of 600 is the passing score. Anything beneath 600 means that the exam must be retaken. An applicant may take the exam as many times as needed within a 2 year period. Once that period ends, the applicant has begin the certification process from the beginning.  It is recommended that the exam be taken after the masters coursework has been completed, but no later than the first year of clinical practicum. Scores that are older than five years are not accepted by the licensing board.

Once these pre-licensing steps have been taken, then an applicant may send in the necessary paperwork to apply for license in Maine. For starters, there are several fees that must be paid when applying. The application fee is $50, while a licensing fee of $225 and a criminal history record check will also be assessed for $21. All checks must be made payable to the Maine State Treasury.

To submit your application you must include a completed application form. Official transcripts from the accredited universities where the applicant received their master’s degree need to be sent in as well. Please note that all transcripts have to be sent from the university and not sent from the applicant. Next, an applicant should include evidence of the completion of their 400 hours of supervised practicum as well as evidence of the completion of supervised experience in a clinic. The final portion for the application process should be your Praxis II score of 600 or better.