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Steps to Becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist in Maryland

Becoming a speech-language pathologist in the state of Maryland is a several step process that is derived from a list of regulations by the American Speech & Hearing Association (AHSA) and the Board of Audiologists, Hearing Aid Dispensers, and Speech-Language Pathologists, a group designed specifically to govern the rules and regulations set on Speech-Language Pathologists in Maryland.

To start the journey to licensure as an SLP, earning a master’s degree from a university that combines course work with supervised in-clinic training is required. After the successful completion of one of the online or campus based Maryland speech pathology graduate programs, a one year post-graduate internship is mandatory before going on to the national certification process. This process is through the AHSA national exam, which is under the form of the Praxis II. A score of 600 is needed to pass.

After the education and internship requirements have been met, applicants need to apply for a license. Maryland offers two types of licenses, a full time license and a limited license for speech pathologists.

The full time license is the more stringent of the two types. It requires that a pathologist complete all of their education, internships and examinations before licensing. The state does not require that a pathologist have a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the AHSA, but having one does quicken the time it takes for a license to be obtained. A background check will be submitted to ensure the applicant is in good ethical standing within the community. If the potential licensee is coming from another state and has a license in good standing with that state, they may begin their practice while notifying the state board of their intention to work in the state of Maryland. With a fee, they will be issued a license.

The limited license is designed for people who wish to work as a speech-language pathologist under a supervisor. The supervisor must have a full time license. The limited license is best for those who have finished their master’s degree, but have yet to complete their clinical fellowship. Under the limited license agreement, a pathologist has two years to complete their fellowship, which is when the license will expire. The pathologist must be working full time under the full time licensed pathologist.

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