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How to Become a Speech-Language Pathologist in Mississippi

For those who wish to become a speech-language pathologist in the state of Mississippi, there are a few steps that need to be taken before receiving a license from the State Board of Health.

The major requirement before the road to licensing can be accomplished is to receive a master’s degree or a doctorate in speech-language pathology. A background in the sciences (Biological, physical and life) during the undergraduate years is recommended for success at the graduate level, but a degree in the sciences is not necessary until the master’s level. The master’s degree must be from a university accredited by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and should have a program that mixes class work with supervised clinical work.

After completing one of the online or campus based Mississippi speech pathology graduate programs, there is a nine month supervised training requirement. This clinical fellowship is based on the national accreditation process by the ASHA. The training must be completed under a licensed speech-language pathologist who is in good standing with the Mississippi State Board of Health. It must also be considered full time to count towards the license with a minimum of 30 hours per week. A temporary license should be obtained by the trainee, which can be done for a $75 fee.

With all of the school and fellowship requirements complete, the next step is to certification by the ASHA via the national examination. This comes in the form of the Praxis II exam. Normally, a passing score is 600, but for the state of Mississippi, the passing score varies year to year.

Now that the exam has been passed, the potential pathologist is ready to apply to the Mississippi State Board of Health. All applications are to be sent to Jackson, Mississippi where the board resides. A fee of $100 for the application and another $100 for the license will apply. Official transcripts and certifications are expected to be included with the application and must be from the corresponding institutions.

The state license for SLP’s expires every even numbered year between the dates of July 1st and July 30th. These should be renewed before the expiration dates. To renew a license, a pathologist is to complete the continuing education requirement of two units (a unit is 10 hours of class time). Half of the continuing education may be done in a non-related field. All continued education needs to be from an accredited educational facility with a minimum grade of a C. When reapplying, all official transcripts should be submitted. Transcripts that are not from the accredited body will be rejected.

The renewal fee is $100 with a late penalty of $50.

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