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Speech and Language Pathologist – North Carolina

Across the United States, most Speech and Language Pathologists earn an average salary of $66,000. However, in the state of North Carolina, the average salary for this position is $83,000 (2008 estimate). The number of available speech and language pathologist positions across the United States are expected to increase more than average through the year 2018, as demand for these professionals will be increasing. From Greensboro to Raleigh to Charlotte, Speech Language Pathologists all across the state of North Carolina will be in demand as well.

How to Become a Speech Language Pathologist in North Carolina

  1. Get your graduate degree from one of the online or campus based North Carolina speech pathology graduate programs. A minimum of a Master's degree is required.
  2. Get your CCC (Certificate of Clinical Competence) from the ASHA (American Speech Language Hearing Association). This involves getting your graduate degree, completing the practicum and work experience listed in steps 4 and 5 below, as well as taking the national test listed in step 6.
  3. Apply for a temporary license to practice in the state of North Carolina. You cannot receive your permanent license in the state unless you hold an equivalent license from another state or a temporary license in North Carolina.
  4. Show proof of a clinical practicum of 400 clock hours of supervised work directly with people with communication disorders.
  5. Submit evidence of a minimum of nine months of full-time professional work experience supervised by a state-licensed or ASHA certified speech and language pathologist. This work must follow completion of your graduate degree requirements and practicum.   If you are applying for a temporary license in North Carolina, you must submit a SEY Plan (Supervised Experience Year) form, outlining what your work experience will be.
  6. Pass the national Praxis II examination with a minimum score of 600. The fee to take this examination is $30 and must be submitted to Educational Testing Service. (See for more information)
  7. Submit the appropriate fees (application fee of $30, initial license fee of $100, temporary license fee of $40) to:

State of North Carolina
Board of Examiners for Speech & Language Pathologists & Audiologists
P.O. Box 16885
Greensboro, NC 27416-0885
(336) 272-1828

You can also contact them to receive the proper application forms. More information on this is available at:

      8. Licenses are renewed yearly and a renewal fee of $60 applies.

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