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Speech Pathology Programs in Rhode Island - RI

The work performed by speech pathologists is in very high demand all over the nation, including Rhode Island. Interested parties should be prepared to meet the educational demands that are in place in order to be licensed in Rhode Island. The steps below outline these demands.

Steps to Becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist in Rhode Island

  1. Individuals pursuing a Rhode Island Speech and Language Pathologist career can begin by completing high school and enrolling in a bachelor's degree program, preferably one that has an association with language and speech pathology.
  2. Once the bachelor's program is complete, students can enroll in and complete an online or campus-based Rhode Island speech pathology graduate degree program.
  3. Once the educational component is attained, the graduate must earn their certification. This can be done through the American Speech – Language – Hearing Association by submitting an application. If this is done within 3 years of the graduation date and all the necessary paperwork is supplied, such as the transcript and proof of clinical experience, then the graduate will be immediately certified. If the graduate has graduated from a foreign country, more than 3 years ago, or from a school that is not accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation and Speech – Language Pathology, then the applicant may be asked to submit a Knowledge and Skills Acquisition form along with the application.
  4. Once the certification is acquired, licensed applicants for the state of Rhode Island can apply to the Rhode Island Department of Health by submitting an application, verification of certification, the $50 fee and official transcripts.

American – Speech – Language – Hearing Association National Office
2200 Research Blvd.
Rockville, MD 20850-3289
Members 1-800-498-2071 Nonmembers 1-800-638-8255

Rhode Island Department of Health
Board of Examiners for Speech and Language Pathology and Audiology
Room 104
3 Capitol Hill
Providence, RI 0298-5097
(Out of state callers) (401) 222-5960 (in state callers) 1-800-942-7434

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