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Speech Language Pathologist – Washington State

The Speech Language Pathology field is a rewarding, challenging and far reaching profession and one that is in demand in the State of Washington.  A speech therapist (as the profession is commonly known) who specializes in speech and language could be called upon to develop and perform treatment for an array of recognized speech disorders such as stuttering, lisps, etc.  A speech language pathologist can work in a hospital or in a clinical setting of specialized practice with multiple practitioners or even in local schools.  Because speech and hearing are so closely connected, it is not uncommon for speech language pathology field to join with the auditory field, although the two fields are separate and distinct allied health professions.

Steps to Become A Speech Language Pathologist in Washington

  1. High school diploma or GED

    Since you will need to enter a four year college or university, having a high school diploma or equivalent is mandatory.

  2. Enroll in a four year program then a post graduate program

    After completion of a bachelor’s program in a field of science related to speech therapy and audiology, pursue one of the online or campus based Washington speech pathology graduate programs.

  3. Get your professional license

The State of Washington requires speech language pathologists to obtain a state issued professional license to practice the profession in the state.  Upon completion of  post secondary studies, you can then begin the process of obtaining your state issued credentials by taking the applicable examination, filing the application and paying the necessary fees for professional licensing. 

Washington State Department of Health
Health Systems Quality Assurance
P.O. Box 47865
Olympia WA 98504-7865

Once awarded the license must be renewed each year on the speech language pathologist's birthday.

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