Speech Pathology Salary in Georgia - GA

Speech Pathology Salary in Georgia - GA

Georgia Speech-Language Pathologist Salaries

Below is a comparison of the average Georgia speech pathologist salary for various major cities (Indeed.com).  Along with level of education and years of experience, job setting can also be a determining factor in salary. 

  • Alpharetta $105,000
  • Atlanta $104,000
  • Augusta $100,000
  • Columbus $95,000
  • Duluth $105,000
  • Marietta $105,000
  • Sandy Springs $104,000
  • Savannah $90,000
  • Valdosta $103,000

Professional Organizations for Speech Language Pathologists

Professional association membership is important in any profession, particularly for those in the medical field as it is important to stay aware of changing laws and educational requirements.  Those governing the profession are charged with staying up to date with relevant information and communicate this to the membership.  Additionally, continuing education events are sponsored by these organizations and several volunteer and networking opportunities are available. 

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)


National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA)


Georgia Speech Language Hearing Association (GSHA)


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